Since I received the Haida CPL – VND 2 in 1 filter I was looking forward to use this high quality filter on an waterfall shooting. This week the right moment has come. I visited the Melnikfall waterfall in the Malta Tal in Carinthia, Austria. This very natural fall is at a height of 1100 meter and is close to the Hocksteg Klamm. A nice place in the midden of the forrest of the Malta Tal.

After a short walk we reached the wonderful waterfall painted in smooth colors by the morning sun. I mounted the Haida CPL – VND 2 to 7 stop filter. With the Circular Polarization I improved the color rendering on the water and skin of my two beautiful models. Using the Variable Neutral Density filter part lets the spray of the Waterfall look like cotton wool, steam or mist floating down the rocks.

Images SOOC with 7Artisans 55mm f1.4 MKII on Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black, no filter

The use of the Haida CPL – VND 2 in 1 filter is extremely simple. It also avoids that one has to carry two filter around. First I am adjusting the polarization and than I choosing the right ND step. Of course I am using a strong tripod made of carbon fibers which is stiff but lightweight. The ND filter is reducing the light hitting the sensor of the camera. Even in bright sun light at f16 and ISO 8o you can reach shutter speeds of a second. As you can see on the images the water spray turns into something floating smooth. A wonderful almost relaxing effect.

The next gallery of photos is showing two beautiful strong and modern models, Violaine and Valerie. I used the Fujifilm SIM Classic Chrome. Combined with the right polarization a bright and very modern look is created. The body tension of Valerie, dancing in front of the fall within the spray zone, is impressive and offers the image a simplicity I love very much.

Even so Violaine is wearing her cool sun glasses, with the right polarization of the Haida CPL – VND filter, you can see her beautiful eyes and the strong expression in her face. Her long and gorgeous hairs are gaining even more volume from the water spray adding a wild attitude to her pictures.

I have enjoyed that shooting with these two wonderful models so much.


I had so much fun and inspiration shooting at this waterfall with and without the models. The combination of the 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC lens and the Haida CPL – VND 2 in 1 filter is to me perfect. The 7Artisans lens is sharp from edge to edge and offers a great color rendering, contrast and a high IQ. I always ask my self how it is possible that 7Artisans is able to offer this great optical performance in such a robust and perfect working full metal housing and all this for this extreme low budget price.

The Haida filter matches the optical performance if the 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC lens. After all these tests at the fall, with and without the filter I am ready to say the Haida CPL – VND filter does not a all change the great IQ of the lens. Haida produced a master piece of filter in this combined circular polarization and variable neutral density filter.

Adding the advantages of low weight, compact, timesaving during installation on the lens and easy to use, this Haida filter is a no brainer to me and should not be missing in any Nature- and Landscape- Photographer Camera Bag.

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