The “Nockalm Straße” is a high alpine road that is hitting 2049ht. at it highest point the Eisental Höhe in Carinthia, Austria. The Street is connecting Ebene Reichenau with the Innerkrems. The Nockalm Straße is 35km long and winding through an wonderful nature with 52 turns.

With my favorite 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC lens on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black I tried to capture the nature with all their colors and emotions SOOC. The high mountains, low clouds, green valleys with trees and colorful moss. If you stand still, center and focus on your inners, you suddenly get under the impression how perfect and wonderful our plant is. You feel small and totally unimportant. Even when mankind has disappeared from earth, this plant will still be that great and wonderful und will hopefully regenerate from what we have been doing to him.

Please open your mind and tell me what those pictures are doing to you.

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