In 1959 Nikon launched the first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera the Nikon F. The foundation for this type of camera has been the F bayonet, a camera mount that is in principle still used today. Of course the F bayonet was updated over the years with a electrical name plate, mechanical autofocus, ultrasonic autofocus and VR (vibration reduction). You can still mount today on a state of the art Nikon D5 an early fully manual Nikkor F lens.

In 1972 the Nikon F2 was launched followed in 1980 by the Nikon F3. The first professional autofocus camera was released in 1988 the Nikon F4. 8 FPS and each image separately focused was possible with the Nikon F5 introduced 1996. All these professional Nikon F cameras had one thing in common, they had an interchangeable viewfinder.

In 2004, Nikon launched the last professional F camera, the Nikon F6. This camera has a fixed viewfinder that cannot be changed. The Nikon F6 is sharing with the second professional digital Nikon camera the Nikon D2x, that also has been launched 2004, the viewfinder, metering system and autofocus module. They also have in common a very bright viewfinder image. You can still order a new Nikon F6 at the Nikon store in 2021.

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