The NEW TTArtisan 25mm f2 lens is a very well build and nicely compact lens with a perfect image angle for most street, travel, nature and landscape photography situations.

You can read in detail my thoughts about the haptic and quality of the lens over here: The NEW TTArtisan 25mm f2 pancake lens

Most of the time I am using prime lenses with a minimum opening of f1.4, f1.2 or even f0.95. I enjoy the wonderful bokeh those lenses are producing. When I got this new lens from TTArtisan with an opening f2, which is a f3 field of depth on full frame cameras, I was thinking forget any decent bokeh on pictures with this lens. This lens will be good to take images with good sharpness as needed for street photography, nothing else.

is this true? This lens has such a great chance to become my next preferred always on lens, just by being that compact light weight and great haptic. I need to test this lens wide open. I need an answer to the question how soft is the IQ wide open, what’s about chromatic abberations.

I shot two pictures during a visit at a Pizzeria and I made some images in my garden reflecting the tristesse of the winter blues. All pictures, accept one, which is made with f2.8, are made wide open at f2. The images are sharp, very little chromatic aberrations and what really impresses me a is the smooth bokeh this lens is producing. Even the image with f2.8 aperture is surprisingly showing a decent bokeh.

Yes, this lens has for me the full potential to become my next always on lens. I am looking forward to my 2023 up coming business trip to the US or Brazil or Mexico or China to use my free time and explore country and people with my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black and this TTArtisan 25mm f2 on.

Please share your thoughts with me when you have a close look to my images.

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