Last weekend I have visited with my camera the street food festival in the Landschaftspark Duisburg. As you can easily see on the pictures, this is an old steel production facility used as a kind of historical museum and witness of the industrial past. You see the huge buildings and a lot of machinery used to produce the steel heated by the coal that has been mined in the close by Ruhrgebiet. This area has the dramatical charm of a apocalyptical scenario from a B class third world war survivor movie.

In this surrounding the steamy food trucks and food tents of this street food festival are an interesting mix of history and modern street life. As the offered variations of food and drinks coming from all over the world, Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, the visitors have been a multicultural mix of young and old, families and singles. I loved the atmosphere, offered food and the different people common in the joy of live and food.

Before this visit I thought about what lens to use. 55mm (82.5mm FF) to shoot portraits or a 35mm (52.5mm FF) lens to get closer to the people or as I finally used a 24mm (36mm FF) lens to capture the interaction of the people plus some atmosphere of the surrounding. The optical quality and wide opening of the 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 has been an excellent match for this photo story. I have chosen a correction value of +1 to highlight the people and faces in this dark environment and used an aperture value of 2-2.8 to place the focus on the things that have been important to me still providing a good field of depth and high enough shutter speed to freeze the dynamic movement of the people. About the high build quality of the lens I will spare my words as I explained this in many reports to this wonderful lens before.

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