After my last foto safari to the wonderful classic cars in perfect condition, some days ago, I visited a very complimentary location to day. Again classic cars but at a lost place, “Lost cars in the forest of Neanderthal.”

For his 50th birthday in the year 2000, a millionaire fulfilled himself a big wish by placing 50 classic cars of his birth year 1950 in a forest in the Neanderthal close to Düsseldorf. This way he created a unique museum with historical sculptures.

Sometimes you have to be lucky. At the moment I started to take the first images, the sun showed up. This way the cars got painted in a yellow tint. A contracted to the rotten condition where the nature and weather destroyed them since at least 24 years. A unforgettable experience that will for sure not survive the next 74 years.

For this photographic excursion I used the wonderful 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. Most images are shoot out of the hip and the unique flip down rear screen of the X-PRO3, that so many people dislike, is to me such an added value for this kind of shooting! The Fujifilm X-PRO3 is to me the best camera I ever used.

In combination with the compact but very well build 7Artisans 24mm 1.4 lens this duo is perfect for street, landscape and reporting photography. If you get close and use this wonderful even wide open sharp rendering lens the selective focal point is smoothly degrading into a smooth blur. 24mm (36mm FF) is an aspect ratio that offers a lot of background but still does not distort the image so you feel uncomfortable while watching the image thinking something is wrong just not natural. During this session I have been choosing an aperture from f1.4 to maximum f4.

I don’t see any color or sharpness changes between f1.4 and f4, a sign for the high optical build quality of this lens. My new multipurpose lens.

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