End of the year is the time to explore your inner self. I did this exercise and found out that it has been a great year for my passion, the photography. After the boring and difficult Corona years 2020 and 21, where I made so many tours just around the house and garden with my camera, this year I was able again to visit my customers and colleagues in the USA, Mexico, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Japan. During some free time in the morning, evening or week-ends I took pictures of country, culture and many people. Please enjoy my best pictures of 2022. Of course this is my personal taste/choice and you are very welcome to give your qualified feedback.

May the war in the Ukraine end soon and the world enters into a future where we can focus again in solving all the big issues like starving people, modern slavery (not only of kids), global warming and finally global peace between all nations and people.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2023.

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