Today I received three new 7artisans cine lenses. These are extreme wide open Cine lenses that will guarantee small depth of field video scenes and very creamy bokeh. These APSC lenses will be available for FX/E/L/R/M43 mount serving a wide range of popular DSLM cameras.

7Artisans Vision Series 25mm T1.05

7Artisans Vision Series 35mm T1.05

7Artisans Vision Series 50mm T1.05

Next to the picture of the three lenses I added an image of the biggest and heaviest lens the 7Artisans Vision Series 25mm T1.05 (100mm long and 956g heavy) mounted on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. Please have a close look to the specs I added further down the post. Impressive.

Short remark on the spec sheets: In contraindication to the specifications the closest distance e.g. for the 7Artisans Vision Series 25mm T1.05 lens is not 0.25m but the on the lens marking is showing 0.23m.

I will perform soon a detailed test during an industry film project (lots of Mitsubishi Electric robots). As well on my Weebill S Gimbal.

What I can tell you today on a first sight, this are the best build lenses I ever had in my hands. No focus breathing and the run of the focus and aperture ring is a dream… smooth and well damped. Perfect to use in professional rigs with follow focus systems. This will be a great step in to the field of DSLM APSC Cine Lenses for 7Artisans.

Thanks a lot 7Artisans for designing and producing these wonderful lenses.

To show the size differences between the Firefly and the Vision lenses I placed them next to each other.

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