Today, Sunday 1. August 2021 around noon, I made an other excursion into my garden. I took some pictures of the apples on my apple tree to document the process of ripping. I guess I need to be some more weeks patient before I can bake an apple pie.

During this walk I passed by the firewood storage. I love the colors and texture of old, dry, almost rotten wood. In the middle of this storage a tiny garden spider had build her round web. In the center of this web the Spider was waiting for her lunch. It was quite tough to image the spider as we got rough wind that was moving the web and spider a lot. I am impressed by looking into the eyes of the spider, so many eyes.

I walked over to the peers tree and also those will need some more weeks of sun before I can use them for a sweet Sunday lunch desert.

On my way back I had an other look to my new friend the Garde spider in her web and got invited to her Sunday lunch. I imaged this delicious meal from many different position in the 1:1 ratio the new 7Artisans 60mm f2.8 Macro MK II lens is offering at a distance of around 17cm to the sensor. Please enjoy the pictures and I hope you are also impressed of this so different creatures in the macro world.

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