The days are getting shorter and the leafs are changing color and gently falling from the trees. The sun, even shining bright from the blue sky, has lost power and your a not leaving the house with out a light jacket. it’s a time to calm down from the hot summer and reflect the passing year. A time to refocus and to finish business as well private projects.

During long walks in the colorful autumn forrest you charge your batteries to withstand the harsh winter season. A period, due to the very short days where you will leave the house while it is dark and you will come back home when it is dark again, is leading to a lot of depression at many people. Even if they will not dare to tell but is a reality at all levels of our society. Keep your eyes open and offer help and an open ear when ever needed.

May some of my pictures made with the fantastic Firefly 7Artisans 50mm f0.95 on Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black guide you to a spiritual Christmas and end of the year season.

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