When I am doing Street Photography I love to search the eye contact with the people I am imaging. It´s a short moment I have the impression I get contact to their mind and thoughts. It´s a common saying that the eyes are the gate to the soul of a person.

Having the eye contact makes an average street picture into a picture with some kind of tension. When you notice that in the picture there is a person directly looking into the lens you start to ask your self who is this. What is going on in his mind. You start to search for some kind of story behind.

Yes, of course you can not compare the intensity of such street portraits to a studio portrait where you take your time to talk to the person and you create a kind of relationship. Those portraits are typically also taken with lenses with a focal length of at least 50mm (75mm FF) or longer. The TTArtisan 23mm f1.4 is a mild wide angle lens that gives next to the person in focus a view onto the surrounding which then is getting part of the story. The focal length of 23mm (35mm FF) is not creating distortions to humans as wider lens will do. The combination of the TTArtisan 23mm f1.4 and the Fujifilm X-PRO3 is to me the perfect companion for every street- and travel- photography.

Please enjoy the pictures below I made in Kandla, India and perhaps you leave me in a short comment your thoughts about these eye contact street photos.

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