Last Thursday I relaxed after a hard week of work on my terrace and garden, enjoying some last warm sun beams on my skin. Suddenly a beautiful garden spider, that was having lunch, crossed my way. Spiders are attracting me in to ways, I have an kind of deep internal horror when I see them but on the other hand I am fascinated by their look and smooth behavior.

I rushed into my studio and grabbed my Fujifilm XPRO3 Black and mounted quickly the new 7Artisans 60mm f2.8 Macro MKII. This new macro lens from 7Artisans is having a wonderful balanced housing and a real IF system. I have chosen an aperture of f16 to get enough field of depth and turned the focus ring to the minimum distance which correspondence to 1:1 enlargement. I used a correction of +3, ISO 2000 and 1/90s as I was shooting against the bright sky and wanted to have a kind of back lighted garden spider. Enjoy the pictures.

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