During a European business meeting in the Kempinski the Dome Hotel in Belek, Turkey, I got up one morning early to catch the incredible wonderful sunrise at the beach of the Mediterranean Sea.

I used for that nature spectacle the so called “magic” Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 R on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. The IQ and resolution of that lens is great. It’s rendering the details of the images in such a nearly 3D picture that they are almost breath taking. That must be the ”magic”.

It has been a while, that I used an AF lens on my X-PRO3. Name me “old school” but I do not feel comfortable letting the camera decide the “Point of Focus”. I even have read lately an article that Sony will launch soon a AI guided AF in their new cameras. This is something I do not want and will never use during serious photographing. On my iPhone this AI guided AF and image creation is already available today and the pictures are nice for a snap shot but it’s seldom how I would have made the picture. I want, better said need to have the control of the aperture and the focal plane. This way I use on an AF lens only single point AF and I place the AF point to the spot I want, by using the little joystick on my X-PRO3. As you for sure can imagine, this is a slow and not a very inspiring or even creative way of taking images. I need a well damped mechanical focus ring. I celebrate being “old school”.

Enjoy the images and please tell me what kind of focus you like most.

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