Last weekend spring started officialy in Germany. The sun was out and my garden was painted in wonderful colors by the sun. Nature started to show the first shy blossoms. To me that was the perfect moment to try my new 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 lens wide open and close up in nature photography. Please see and read the results.

My five cents

I was wondering if this new lens from 7Artisans with an interesting maximum opening of f1.4 would produce usable bokeh. Also will this highly interesting budget lens, which is for a max aperture of f1.4 still very compact and not too heavy, offer a decent sharpness and color rendering?

Quick answer: Yes

This lens produces wide open a smooth blurry bokeh without any disturbing patterns or artifacts. The sharpness and resolution in the center of the lens is high, at the corners a bit smoother but still good for this wide opening.

Wonderful is the color rendering. The warm tint of the sun is reproduced without any ghosting or variations on the outstanding high resolution APSC sensor of the fabulous Fujifilm X-PRO3. The 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 is a great match with this pro camera. The optical performance is on one level with lenses of Fujifilm or Zeiss which are even up to 10 times more expensive. If we talk about build quality of this full metal lens it even outperforms the plastic dominated lenses from mentioned brands. The haptic of this lens, with well damped clickless aperture ring, is stimulating my creativity in the photo taking process. Like a tailored suit, you just feel well with this lens on the camera. My new always on lens for nature, street and travel photography.

Next I will test this lens for portraits. Stay tuned to see the results soon.

My summary in one sentence: “Very well done 7Artisans you can be proud of this product!”

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