Last Sunday I finally found time to take the new 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 on a photo walk in the old town and Karlsplatz market of Düsseldorf. It was rainy and the city was caught in the typical winter blues. To transport the depressive atmosphere I have chosen to take BW images. I used the Fujifilm Arcos emulation. Strong contrast still with well defines grey steps.

This new lens is within the top range of build quality of 7Artisans lenses. Well defined haptic of the focus and aperture ring. Smooth but well damped is it a real fun to focus on the subject to image. The full metal lens is attached outstanding firm on the lens mount of the camera but still is easy to mount and unmount. The anodized lens mount must make here the difference.

24mm is a perfect focal length for traditional street photography. It’s a bit wider than the traditional “normal lens” with 35mm on APSC but still does not deform the image like real wide angel lenses. The opening of f1.4 gives enough light in dark enviroments and allows to play with unsharp back grounds wide open. Still is the image sharp to the corners. Also positive is the light sensitivity to weight balance. This lens is wide open but still compact and is giving on the camera a good balanced feeling in the hand.

Due to the bad weather it has not been a long walk but even so I got a very good feeling with this lens and it has a good potential to become my next always on lens for most photographically situations on the street and during traveling.

This lens is another prove of the state of the art mechanical technology build by 7Artisans.

Pictures SOOC with 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 on Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black

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