Three weeks ago I have been expecting the leader of Russia, Mr. Putin, would be a person of honor being able as an adult to negotiate with the global leaders an end of the war in Ukraine. Link

Today we all realized that Mr. Putin is not a leader but an insane dictator that does not care about Russia or any human life. Honestly I do not understand at all why he is attacking a sovereign other state and kills people. His own people as well Ukraine Solderers but even worse so many civilians, old people, woman and children. People like you and me.

The history books of tomorrow will remember Putin in one line with the worst lunatic dictators of the past. Nero, Attila, Genghis Kahn, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Kim Yong-Un, Putin… Congratulations.

President Biden, a real global leader, has been right during his speech in Poland: “Putin cannot remain in power.””

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