As you perhaps might know, due to my job I am traveling globally a lot. Well to be really precise, that has been before COVID-19. the last one and a half year this has been drastically reduced due the fact that many travel restrictions have been in place. This is slowly changing and I expect that soon international travel will be possible again. Of course it is totally clear to all of us that nothing will be again as before COVID-19. We all have learned to use the benefits of digitalization to work closely globally with collogues partners and our customers. This way of working today and also in the future will save a lot of CO² and traveling time till deep in the night and during week-end. Still from time to time it is so important to sit with collogues, partners and customers F2F, have drink and socialize as well plan future projects. The future will be a clever mix of digital smart work and high efficient personal business travel.

All these thoughts I have got yesterday when I visited a colleague in the Van der Falk Düsseldorf Airport Hotel for a dinner and noticed the extraordinary design of this hotel. Already in the hotel lobby they have been working with gas fire places and a lot of wood and stone to create a kind of very modern cozy atmosphere. I could sit in the lobby at the fire and read a book or listening to music for hours. Additional to those natural components to style the interior they added interesting and modern decoration objects like stylish lights. The same design language “painting with light” has been used at the outside of the hotel.

I have been shooting those SOOC images with the new 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC lens on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. This camera and manual lens combination looks so much retro that people even relax when you are taking images in the full hotel lobby. No one would consider that this is one of the most modern APSC cameras on the market. Its so much fun to focus manually with this wonderful full metal 7Artisans lens and the great damped but still smooth focus ring. Nothing is better than a real mechanical lens, I really dislike to manual focus by wire like all the Fujinon lenses are offering there is always a delay and steps. Try it yourself.

I am looking forward to travel soon again global and share pictures of my trips with all of you.

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