Schloss Dyck (English Castle Dyck) is the most important moated castle in the Rhineland region. The castle is located in Jüchen which belongs to the Rhein Kreis Neuss, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany.

The castle was founded first in 1094 as a simple fortification by the knight Hermannus de Disco. The Schloss Dyck castle complex, with its outer fortifications and supply houses, stands on four islands. The baroque building, which was begun to be build in 1656, is ample in size and clearly structured. Dyck is not merely a defensive castle and residence. Characteristic above all for the nature of this largest of Rhenish water castles is the unity of domestic quarters and supply houses: the land was managed from here. The castle park is home to a remarkable collection of rare and precious tree types. Other famous garden artists have shaped Dyck; people like Peter-Josef Lenné, Maximilian Friederich Weyhe and later Hermann Matern. The ensemble is classed as a great piece of Rhenish cultural history and is a popular tourist destination.

Next to the impressive historical buildings with its museum, is the from 1999 installed parks, English and Japanese gardens with very rare trees and plants very unique and reason enough to visit the Schloss Dyck.

All this impressive landscape and nature painted by some autumn sun beams into a wonderful warm color which even improves the multi colored leafs of the autumn trees.

The pictures are made SOOC with the Velvia Fujichrome film emulation. To get a great balance between rich details and a creamy bokeh I decided to use the Firefly 7Artisans 35mm f0.95 lens on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. As a zoom I used my Snickers…

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