Last week Saturday for the first time in two years the Japan-Day in Düsseldorf has been celebrated. On this day you can walk along the river Rhine, that is dividing Düsseldorf into two parts and experience Japanese food, live style, passion and culture. At various booths you can buy lots of merchandise/gadgets from Mangas and Animes. If you want you can spend a lot of money. As well you can participate in an Karaoke-Competion as one of my friends did very successful two years ago. There are also stages with live japanese Music/Singing and so much more to explore if you don’t get tired waking a few hours surrounded by more people than I saw in the last two years combined. It was pretty overwhelming in the beginning and the line for food or the restroom have been extremely long.

My favourite part are the people all dressed up as characters from there favourite manga and anime shows and games. The amount of time, money and effort people invest into their highly creative personalized outfits with so many fancy details surprised me. It has been that full with people, that I had to “fight” my way trough the crowd to take some of the images.

Enjoy the pictures and I am happy if you leave me a question or remark. I am looking forward to next years Japan Day in Düsseldorf.


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