Lissy, our 9 year old Labrador lady is enjoying this rainy and cold day next to the burning fireplace on her big dog bed. I do not how you feel to the dedicated view of a dog but my heart is melting every time.

To capture this moment I used the new 7Artisans Vision 50mm T1.05. Yes, you are right this is a bulky heavy cine lens meant to be mounted on a video rig, a gimbal or robust tripod. The reason for the size and weight of this lens is the first class glass and high-end focus and aperture mechanics you need for smooth follow focus video installations. This high optical and mechanical quality makes it for me also a perfect lens for still studio or even planned out door shooting. It allows slow shutter speeds to be handled without IBIS or OIS and the focusing manual focusing wide open with a very small DOF is pure fun.

Todays focus has been to choose one image, I shoot in RAW and JPEG with the Velvia Fujichrome film emulation, and develop the RAW in the X-PRO3 body into 3 other film Emulations. Those are Classic Negative, Monochrome and Arcos. I am in doubt which of those four ist my favorite one. I guess the Arcos film emulation. It remembers me to my old (young) times when I was shooting and processing black and white film. At that time my most loved film material has been Ilford HP5. A film that has a lot of contrast as well you could push it easily from the 400 ASA up to 1600 ASA. Arcos is closer to this film than the Monochrome emulation which remembers me more to the Ilford FP4.

Please feel free to leave me in the comments which emulation you prefer.

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