Let me be honest, I am a lazy photographer that likes to work in his comfort zone and is proud when he touches borders but most of the time does not dare to explore new things. Due to this and because I do not like to “create” pictures on the computer with PS, most of my pictures are made SOOC. My favorite film simulations is Velvia Fujichrome which emphasizes colors, great for nature and urban pictures but nothing for the skin color of humans, Provia for shooting people, portrait and street and from time to time, to feel young and wild, some ARCOS B&W. Those remember me to the times I have been upgrading my pocket money by shooting, processing and selling B&W images from Rock and Heavy Metal bands like Warlock and Die Toten Hosen in Düsseldorf 40 years ago.

This is poor!

Fujifilm cameras are equipped with the world leading RAW to JPEG converting technology. You can choose in the camera menu from 17 different film simulations. To be fully precise 11 film simulations and ARCOS and Monochrome can be used additional with a Yellow, Red and Green Filter.

  2. Velvia Fujichrome
  3. ASTIA
  4. Classic Chrome
  5. PRO Neg. Hi
  6. PRO Neg. Std.
  7. CLASSIC Neg.
  9. ARCOS
  10. ARCOS +Ye
  11. ARCOS +R
  12. ARCOS +G
  13. Monochrome
  14. Monochrome +Ye
  15. Monochrome +R
  16. Monochrome +G
  17. B&W Sepia

This is a great portfolio to choose from and to give your picture the extra touch you want it to have without spending hours infront of the computer playing around with PS. Of course there is a huge community of highly creative photographer that tweak the parameter of the Fujifilm settings to even create many more film simulations but those are for this test out of scope.

Last night during this wonderful golden autumn weather where sun and heavy clouds with no rain are rushing over the sky I used the blue evening hour to image the sunset in my street. Of course I used again my so much loved Velvia Fujichrome simulation and I received, as expected, wonderful images full with golden, blue and purple colors an image to feel well with and could be used for every postcard from Neuss, where I am living.

Stop! this is not enough. This is too easy this is too foreseeable. I am hungry to touch the border and even try to stand on the other side. This and many more thoughts have been keeping me restless last night while I tried to find some sleep. To avoid that this will happen again next or even many more nights I decided to make an experiment.

The great Fujifilm camera firmware allows to post process the high-resolution RAW images into JPEG with every single in camera film simulation. That is what I did. I have chosen my two most favorite images of that series and post processed them with all available simulations within the camera.

It is up to you to judge what is your preferred film simulation, for my part next to my always love Velvia Fujichrome for landscape and nature photography I am surprised how much In get touched by the PRO Neg. Hi Simulation. This images are still living on pushed contrasts and emphasized colors but in a more natural way.

Please leave me your choice, opinion or remarks in a comment.

The Images are made with the new 7Artisans 50mm f0.95 on Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. On the left f5.6, 1/900s, ISO 320 and on the right f16, 1/1100s, ISO 320.

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