I have been visiting some interesting places in the wider surrounding of the town I have been born 57 years ago, Düsseldorf. One of these special places is located in the industrial zone and nearby the harbor of Duisburg. It is named Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain.

First I want to introduce you to the industrial surrounding this installation has been placed in.

The Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain has been opened in 2011. It is a walkable sculpture like a big loop.

To emphasize the stunning shape of the loop I have chosen the low key technique to draw the dark silhouette into a blue hour sky. The reflections of some sun in the stainless steal handrails improves the 3 dimensional impression of the pictures. Please enjoy the atmosphere and perhaps it will motivates you to spend a visit.

Using the Firefly 7Artisans 25mm f0.95 lens for this project has been a field test if this wide open lens is also suitable for classic “landscape” photography. I am impressed of the sharpness from edge to edge (even if this is difficult to see on these low key images) and the low distortion of this lens. Even the proportions of the humans imaged are looking natural too. Mission accomplished this Firefly is no mayfly but has got a fixed position in my daily camera bag.

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