Last week I produced with the NEW 7Artisans Vision Series lenses an Automation Industry Video. Below you can find a first teaser. I love the color rendering and the sharpness of these lenses. Next to this extreme high IQ the mechanical build quality is extreme high. The bearings and haptic of the focus and aperture ring are at a world class level. The follow focus on my rig is performing smooth adjustments. The focus breathing is close to not existing. All in all has 7Artisans ported the extrem high IQ of the firefly range into a mechanical housing that matches this quality.

Yes, I am new to producing professional videos. I am since 42 years an enthusiastic photographer, analog and digital. Of course I made like many other in the 80th experience with Super 8 filming and later when my kids were born I used a Panasonic camcorder to film their first steps in the beginning of 2000. Well this has been always only basic amateur production and let’s be honest I never felt the real passion. Today, with the possibilities of the Fujifilm mirrorless cameras, these outstanding lenses and equipment as well the Software Tools of Apple’s Final Cut Pro it’s easy to create near professional results. I produced during these 3,5 days of filming more than 1 TB of film material. Today I feel almost the same passion for producing moving pictures as well for still pictures. It has been fun and a strong inspiration to work with these lenses. I am looking forward to many more of this kind of projects.

Movie produced with 7Artisans Vision 35mm T1.05 on Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black


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