Black and White. In my early years I have been a BW lover. I had my own lab and experimented with many different film material like the Ilford FP4 and HP5. I general I have been a huge fan of HP5 even pushed from ISO400 to ISO800 or 1600.

Since I joined the community of digital photographer in 2008 I almost never used BW for my pictures any more. I guess the reason has been that BW on most Digital Cameras as well Lightroom/Photoshop is extreme boring to me. Since I am using the Fujifilm Cameras x-PRO2 and 3 with the fantastic simulations of classical Fujifilm emulations I am using more often BW form my images. The Arcos SIM with the strong contrast is reminding very well to my loved HP5.

I have been for business in Chicago and got a free Saturday afternoon which I used for some street photography. To me are photos of people in the street much stronger in expressions. On those black and white pictures we are much more focused on the body dynamics and facial expression of the people.

Many people are discussing with me that good street photography only can be done with auto focus lenses. I used for all the images the 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC full manual lens on my Fujifilm X-PRO3. Being able to have full control of the point for the perfect focus is the only thing that counts for me for street photography.

Please tell me about your experiences using black and white and manual lenses.

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