Cows are holy in India. They are living with the people and are an important part of the society. As you can see on my pictures you find them alone or in groups in country side but even in the cities they are part of the street life. The culture of India is respecting every life and supports the co-existence. The cows are not fat but are well in shape as many Indian people feed first the cows and other animals before they have their own meals. Its part of their religion and tradition. What has impressed myself most has been the fact that cows during day but even night are standing or sitting on the roads and the anyhow very dynamic and in a kind chaotic traffic is respecting this and passing by the animals without harming them. Indian are perfect in predicting what are other people but also the animals doing next and are planning this into their pass routing during driving. What looks on the first sight to me a horror situation is on the second thought a highly dynamic system were without any aggressions every partner of this traffic is respecting others health but still makes sure he gets on as fast as possible. 4, sometimes even more, vehicles (cars, trucks, otto and two wheelers) are easily and without accident driving next to each other on a two lane road. Why they have applied the lane lines on the road I do not understand at the end.

Please enjoy the pictures I shoot using the TTArtisan 23mm f1.4 on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black during my business trip of this street life and be invited to share your experience with me. I guess, these pictures taken out of an open car window during driving, which typically is said to be only possible with a fast autofocus on the camera, are proof that with manual focus lenses the same can be perfectly accomplished. I had very little bad focused images, less then 3%.

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