On my last evening in India, my colleagues took me out to a traditional vegetarian dinner “Authentic Gujarati Cuisine”.

I want to show you in detail all the different parts of the meal, from starters, chutneys, salad to several different very tasty vegetable curry’s finishing with fruit salad in yoghurt plus a variety of papadam, naan, paratha, chapati bread. From the pictures you only can get a slightly glance of the tasteful dinner. All in all, all these dishes are a little bit sweet and not too spicy. As soon you finished one choice, a waiter was there to refill it. I will come back!

Once again the TTArtisan 23mm f1.4 has proven to be the universal lens for food, street, landscape and travel photography. This will be my only lens on my Fujifilm X-PRO3 on the next trip.

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