All week has been dominated by a grey and foggy winter weather. I used the Saturday afternoon to clean my equipment and suddenly in the deep corners of my photo bag I found the 7Artisans 18mm f6.3 UFO lens. This lens, as the nickname UFU indicates, is a lens in size of a camera body bayonet cap. To me the smallest lens I ever used. It has, even it’s made of metal, a weight of only 49g. It’s a fixed focus lens that is from 0.3 m to endless sharp and has no adjustable diaphragmatic but a constant opening of f6.3. All this sounds like a toy lens with no real usable image quality. In fact this lens is made of 6 lenses in 4 groups. The image quality is surprisingly good. With interesting color rendering and rich details. With the specs of being sharp from 0.3 meters it’s a stunning lens for street photography to capture street life and human interactions. With 18mm (27mm FF) and an angle of view of 74° plus no need loosing time to search a focus point discrete, shots from the hip will be fast and successful. The last added value is the fact of the compactness of the lens. My Fujifilm X-PRO3 with the 7Artisans 18mm f6.3 UFO fits in every pocket and is a perfect companion on every travel.

Next to the pictures I made during a short walk this grey Saturday to ventilate my brain, you can find here more sample pictures SOOC. To me the image quality is good enough to use it to capture land and people during my international business trips, I will hopefully do again after this pandemic is over. I will for sure share my pictures with you.

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