The Fujifilm film emulation technology is one of the things why I felt in love with the X cameras and changed from Nikon to Fujifilm. Those emulations of traditional 35mm film material, I used nearly 30 years in all my analog cameras, are allowing me to perform my most loved way of shooting pictures ”SOOC”. By setting carefully the right exposure, focus and DOF plus a well planned composition and image size, instead of sitting hours in front of my computer to compose the perfect picture I have more time to spend in taking even more pictures. These emulations are giving me the good feeling that all I need to take great images is my camera as 42 years ago.

Classic Neg. is the one of the latest released emulations on my X-PRO3 and X-T4. It would be great if Fujifilm would also provide it with a firmware update for my loved X-PRO2. Classic Neg. is an emulation that is creating less colorful images by substituting darker colors with black. That way contrasts are higher and this creates an extra three dimensional depth in the 2D image. The downside of this advantage is the fact that e.g. green but also other colors are very reduced in images produced with Classic Neg.

To be honest, in the beginning I was wondering, as many other X – Photographer out there, does this make sense? What a crap emulation that seems to be not colorful at all. During a photo session where I forced my self to explore Classic Neg. it suddenly got to me. The additional 3D depth in this pictures which is of course not real as it is only produced between our two eyes within the brain, catched my high attention. Something has happened in that pictures and it is extreme difficult to describe why those vibes are stimulating me. To me Classic Neg. is a very polarizing emulation, you love it and feel great vibes or you hate it and believe it is the worst emulation within the Fujifilm portfolio.

In the last two days I continued my exploration journey by imaging the magnolia tree in my garden. First with the 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APSC at f1.4 and today with the NEW 7Artisans Vision 50mm T1.05 cine lens at T1.05. Please notice the difference in bokeh between f1.4 and f0.95 (T1.05) and even f2.8. Impressive, isn’t it?

Please make up your own mind and feel free to share your opinion with me.

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