India, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan – travel photography just with the three 7Artisanscrons. Are these three simple lenses enough for a 3 weeks trip to Asia? To give you the answer upfront, more then enough.

After the long Covid-19 international travel ban in our company, to protect our most important asset our employees and their families, I am able now to see my customers and collogues live again. Some people told me that I am crazy to visit 4 countries and 10 cities within 3 weeks but I decided to do this “chained” trip to reduce long distance flights to a minimum. My motivation has been the ecological foot print and costs of such a journey. I could have done 3 separate trips of a week to India, Singapore/Malaysia and India flying back and forward from an to Germany allowing me to rest in between. With my chosen travel agenda I had on my trip to one flight from Germany to India, one from India to Singapore, a short flight from Singapore to Malaysia and a flight to Tokyo. Back I have only one long flight from Tokyo to Germany of nowadays 15h compared to the 10.5 hours in the past. <sarcasm mode on> “Thanks a lot Mr. Putin!” <sarcasm mode off>

As the purpose of this trip has been business and I visited so many places, I decided to travel with minimum gear. I picked my loved and very solid build allrounder Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black. To me a camera you can use in worst case to drive a nail into a wall. At the same time the X-PRO 3 is small compared to many other state of the art cameras and when I am using the manual 7Artisans lenses and do not display every taken picture on the LCD screen I get 650+ images out of one batterie. I took 4 charged spare batteries with me but I never used more than two per day. To succeed in keeping my gear size and weight down, I decided not to carry the stunning 7Artisans Firefly Series Lenses 25mm, 35mm and 50mm f0.95 with me but took the three “7Artisanscrons” as I like to name them. The 7Artisans 25mm f1.8, the 35mm f1.4 APSC and the 50mm f1.8. All three lenses compact and lightweight and available for below 100$ at the 7Artisans Shop.

Fujifilm X-PRO3 Black with from left to right 7Artisans 50mm f1.8, 35mm f1.4 APSC and 25mm f1.8

And again, I heard some voices from “friends”: “Are you nuts to take those cheap lenses instead the state of the arts Fireflies with you on your trip”. My answer has been well I will tell you later how crazy I am and it is also up to you, when you see my pictures of the trip, to let me know your opinion. The credo of this trip to me is “Less is more”, basta.

Here some images I made at the Frankfurt Airport just before leaving to Delhi, India.

I also decided for this trip to use only the Fujifilm Simulation Classic Neg. A simulation that is reducing the intensity of colors a bit but is adding a lot of depth to the image.

To be continued with Part 2, India.

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