A friend of mine came up with the idea to shoot a lost place, not far away from our native.

On a Saturday we traveled to that lost place. We walked around, searching for the motives. Feeling the atmosphere of the location.

My gear that day was a Nikon D750 with the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70 mm 1:2,8G ED, a good combination, when you don’t know a location. It’s wide angle helps to get an impression of the area and the tele to get close into the detail. Indoor we had difficult light conditions with shadows and bright light. I liked the sunrays, when the sun comes forward from the clouds this brings amazing light play to the location.

This place is an old railway roundhouse for steam locomotives at Leipzig. The place is close to Bayerischer Bahnhof. Not many remember to that times, the sound of the steam locomotives, the steam and the coal dust. Today a lot of graffiti is present and badly a lot of rubbish is there. slightly you can see that the nature is starting to take it back. The graffiti makes it interesting to photographers combined with the sunrays through the holes in the roof, that makes beautiful light.

Outdoor the turntable with its control building is mostly destroyed and covered by plants. For other perspective views the tilt screen of the camera supports in taking the shoot. In tele, the lens provide a beautiful blur without a need for a special lens to capture details.

Outdoor we walked around, some place we were not able to go, because of the many plants. We tried to take shoots where it was possible. The colorful graffities where amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my first post on this blog, thanks to Malte given me that opportunity.

You’d like to see more from me, may see you soon on this blog or connect in the meantime with me on Insta: @ccfoto4u or 500px.com/cc2go

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