Street photography is my passion. I love to walk around in a city, after work or in the weekends and enjoy to watch the daily life on the street. I ask myself what are those people doing and thinking that are around me, are they happy or have they huge worries in mind?

Tokyo is an amazing city, clean, safe and with not too much traffic on the roads. The people are friendly, shy and very quite. Around Tokyo Station the central main train station in Tokyo, all major Japanese companies are having their HQ. Like Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nikon and many more companies. Therefore you see there so many business people heading to work or returning back home late in the evening. At lunch and dinner time those people are enjoying traditional Japanese but also many international food in the many food corners in side Tokyo Station and also in that many small streets in the neighborhood.

I made these images on a bank holiday so there are no business people around. This is the private life street life. I love it to shoot in the afternoon or in the evening in summer time when a city is painted in smooth tones during the blue hour. If at the same time, the last sun beams are hitting the glass front of some high buildings and turning them into a golden shine, the blue shadows in the small streets are even getting longer. The combination of this wonderful light and colors and the bank holiday empty streets is creating a new atmosphere to me.

I captured the light and scenes with the wonderful 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 APS-C on my Fujifilm X-PRO3. This combination of lens and body is producing strong images with high IQ and wonderful color rendering. To me this is the most universal combination one can use on travels and for street photography.

Please enjoy the pictures and be welcome to leave in the comments your thoughts.

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